Autoking strives to be one of the safest trucking companies on the road. Autoking is very proud that in almost a decade in business we have never had an accident involving a fatality or serious injury. We attribute this to having an outstanding safety program. Our drivers along with all of our dispatchers go thru safety training and periodic meetings. A huge aspect in understanding how to comply with current regulations is knowledge. Making sure every person working for Autoking fully understands the current regulations is paramount to running a safe company.

The current regulations are making it very hard for the smaller companies such as ourselves to stay in good standing with the CSA2010 regulations. We have not only been able to maintain a great safety rating but found a way to make it work in our favor. Our drivers are getting more hometime and rest all without effecting their revenue.

For a more detailed look at our safety profile please click the link to be directed to the USDOT SMS overview